Applied Managerial Statistics Course Project - Case #28 House Prices



Topic:  :Applied Managerial Statistics Course Project - Case #28 House Prices

Type: Essays, Research paper

Level: University; College; High school; University


Paper requirements: Times New Roman (12), double-spaced,one-inch margins

This is from the course project page for my class: Your Course Project is an opportunity for you to conduct a statistical analysis of a real-world problem situation and present it as you would to your manager or in an organizational context. It can be either an analysis of a case provided by your instructor or a case developed individually by you in consultation with and approved by your instructor. What follows are the guidelines for doing a case analysis. In Doc Sharing you will find the guidelines for doing the tailored research project, "Requirements for an Individually Tailored Research Project." Your Course Project is do a statistical analysis of a case and present your findings and interpretations in a management report. This will be a single Word document, of approximately 1,500 words, including your required Minitab output. You may pick any of the cases provided at the end of your eBook except cases that are used in the weekly Discussions (unless your instructor provides you with other directions). As an alternative to one of the cases provided, you may define your own case, drawing on work or other data you generate or provide. If you choose to do your own case, you should think in terms of a spreadsheet of data, which is like the Housing Prices data set from Week 1. That is, it should have one variable, like housing prices, that you are trying to understand. This is your dependent variable. It should also have several other variables that you have reason to believe will help explain the variability in your dependent variable. These are your independent variables (e.g., has a fireplace or not, number of square feet, or school district). The requirements and grading rubric for an independent course project are exactly the same as for one of the provided cases. See grading rubric below and the document in DocSharing called "Final Project Requirements and Grading Rubric," unless your instructor provides you with alternative directions. If you choose to do your own case, you must receive prior approval from your instructor before proceeding. This is to protect you from taking on a project that is either too large (usually the problem) or too small. Finally, please pay close attention to the quality of your writing. Remember, effective communication is essential in management, and the grading of your business report will include evaluation of both your statistical analysis and the quality of your writing. Grading Rubrics Appropriateness of statistical analysis (40%) - Explain why you chose a particular statistical methodology. Describe your assumptions. Show your statistical analysis. Give a correct statistical conclusion. Effective writing (40%) - Content: excellent; consistent with audience and purpose; effective use of the seven C's of communication. Organization of ideas: organization plan is excellent; ideas are clear and arranged in logical sequence, transitions are smooth. Document design: excellent; strong visual impact; design demonstrates originality; exceeds formatting requirements. Readability: excellent; strong use of "you attitude," reader benefits, and appropriate tone. Grammar: grammar, punctuation, mechanics, usage, and spelling are correct. Adherence to the expected format and requirements (20%) - Requirements: written report, produced with word processing software, and statistical software Total 100% -END I have also attached a .zip file with the Case Study I have picked, Case #28, House Prices; the Course Project Guidelines & Checklist and the Bryant Case Study Descriptions. In the Case Study Description pdf, scroll down to the page 10 for Case Study 28 - House Prices II. Thanks.

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