The USA's status as the world's strongest economic and military superpower does not give it a right to makes decisions about the internal issues of other countries. Over the past years, the US has actively engaged itself in the domestic issues of other countries. For instance, its involvement in the Vietnamese war, ending the reign of the Libyan tyrant, Ghadaffi and China’s recent arrest of activist and artist Ai Weiwei were all warranted by different reason. This interference is unjustified since the reasons advanced are in genuine; the effects are often disastrous, and the US does not have the moral authority to correct others since it is not perfect either. Moreover, in certain situations it does not have the right to do so.


            For every action taken, there are always questions that are raised. When these happens the perpetrators of the action must avail a satisfactory reason to justify their actions. In a majority of the cases in which the USA interferes with the affairs of other countries, it has often feigned protection of human rights. However, the US only interferes in countries from whose affairs its stand to benefit. For instance, the USA government led the battle of overthrowing the Libyan dictator, Ghadaffi under the pretext of human rights protection. However, it’s a clear fact that the West African country is endowed with numerous oil deposits which Ghadaffi had selfishly protected from the Americans. Having ended his rule, the US government now has the possibility of benefiting from the country’s numerous resources since the new leader would easily heed to their interests. After all, the country’s owes them a lot for having ended the rule of the brute dictator. However, the way in which they ended the tyrant’s life does not in any manner reflect the observance of human rights as purported. Instead,it displayed the country as a bully and thus perpetuating its superpower tendencies. Another instance is that of Russia’s invasion of Georgia. American has oil interests in Georgia and any disagreements or disputes would jeopardize these interests. Therefore, what concerns the US has nothing to do with the people of Georgia. Rather, it has everything to do with how the nation can benefit or loose.(The American Crisis, 2008),

            In addition, the nation’s interference in other nation’s activities has only served to worsen the situation. Many are times when the US has attempted to resolve the domestic issues in other nations only for their actions to lead to the loss of the pure lives they are supposed to protect. When America attempted to open up international business with Japan, an isolationist, in the mid nineteenth century, Japan rose up against other nations in retaliation. Several lives of the American for whom the government hoped to improve were lost in the effort to put the Japanese down. Another instance is that of Vietnam. The American government said it intended to stop communism and open up the Vietnam market. Whereas it may have done this in with good intensions, more than fifty thousand lives of the Americans were lost in the process. Communism in Vietnam would not have resulted in any harm to the super power had it persisted. The incompetent decisions by American politicians of the time had resulted in a war that would have been avoided. The recent war on terrorism in Iraq is no different. The US claimed the Iraq was manufacturing weapons of mass destruction and should, therefore,be stopped. The resultant war has led to the loss of millions of lives of the Americans and that of innocent Iraq citizens. The above cases demonstrate loss of lives that would have been avoided by simply turning a blind eye. These nations have leaders who can successfully resolve their disputes without the assistance of foreign countries. Should these countries require the assistance, there are enough venues to let the US know. Otherwise,acting on its own accord is utterly intolerable (Alvarez-Galloso, 2009).

            Americans have no right in interfering with the domestic matters of other countries particularly if they do not concern them. If a one lights a fire in their compound, neighbors have no authority to interfere unless the fire spreads to their property or the fumes emitted have negative effects on their health. In many of the occurrences, USA is not affected in the least of ways. However, it continues to stamp its authority on what the other country should be doing. For example, the arrest of the Ai Weiwei by the Chinese government does not concern the US. The Chinese are human and have laws that govern the actions of its citizens(Pierre, 1990). The citizens themselves are aware of these laws and should, therefore,abide by them. After all, the government simply represents the people’s interests. The US feigns human rights protection to excuse its interference. Though the two nations have open difference on issues pertaining to human rights, the US should treat China as an equal and not play the fatherly figure. It is no wonder the Chinese government is heavily against these actions(Lei, 2011).

            Lastly, the Americans do not have the moral authority to intervene in some of the domestic issues of other countries. America behaves in a manner likely to suggest whatever action it takes is right, and other nations have no authority to question its judgment. For instance, it advocates for democracy in the politics of running a nation it does not live by the same principle(Alvarez-Galloso, 2009).Since time immemorial, the nation has been led by democrats and republicans. If they exercise the  freedom they preach, then they should allow other parties to contest for the top seat by letting the people decide. Moreover, the level of racism in the country is alarming (Oakes et al,1994). Blacks, Hispanics and other immigrants receive equal treatment as compared to their White counterparts. This falls right under the docket of human rights which they greatly preach to other countries (Shenkar, 1990.Thus, instead of interfering with the affairs of other nations, the country should redirect those efforts to handling its internal defects first.

            Judging from these reasons, the interference of the American government in the internal affairs is uncalled for. In many instances,the country has nothing to lose or gain, and when there is a reason, the effects are much worse than if they had no interfered. Moreover, if the country can meddle in the affairs of other nations, then it should also be open to correction. Having the strongest economy and a powerful military does not justify interference. Having achieve is different spheres of life does not mean one is correct every other time. Countries should instead treat each other as equal debate on different issues on a level ground.


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