Project 6.1: Testing Highway Marking Paints: For the past six years the Highways Department in your state has used “Centrex CL” for marking highway pavement centerlines and lanes. Recent advances in paint technology, however, have brought several new products onto the market, which their manufacturers claim are better than Centrex CL. To meet this challenge, Centrex Inc. has developed a new paint (“TL”) and has recommended that the Highways...


Compose a 1,450- to 1,700-word research paper. Include the following elements in your research paper:

  • Title page
  • Introduction with a thesis statement
    Body paragraphs with supporting evidence, including in-text citations
  • Conclusion
  •  Reference list of citations containing at least three to five sources—at least two from the University Library

UNIT:  World Literature Two women writers (ADVANCED ENGLISH)

Creative response

Weighting: 20%

Respond creatively in any appropriate mode to the novel Emma by Jane Austen. Your creative response should demonstrate understanding of the text. Diary entries at key moments of the novel, not confined to one stage in the novel, however the diary entries should be a development of an event. It must be written in Mr. Knightley’s perspective or...


World Literature  Analytical Paper  :This course will require you to submit one analytical paper. This paper will include sources, research material that assists in validating your topic. This paper will focus on one of the authors and or works that have been covered over the last eight weeks. This is not to be a book report or a biography on one of the authors. This paper is to take a creative approach to a theme, a focus of symbolism, a...

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